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Our Mission:
The mission of VIDA is to provide assistance to health institutions and development projects that support people in need in Latin America regardless of race, religion, and politics. VIDA's top priority is to send quality medical supplies to people in the greatest need in Latin America.

VIDA stands for Volunteers for Inter-American Development Assistance and was found after the 1991 Cholera outbreak in Peru by Haydee Rodridguez Pastor. We collect medical supplies donated from Bay Area hospitals and clinics and send them in 40-foot shipping containers by ship to Latin America, where the supplies are distributed to local hospitals and clinics. Since Founding, we have shipped over $500 million worth of medical relief to Latin American countries, as a result over 3,000 tons of usable medical goods have been diverted from Bay Area landfills. Over $200 in medical relief aid is provided for every dollar donated to VIDA.

Current and Upcoming Opportunities