Willow Glen Business Association

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Our Mission:
As part of its charter, the WGBA helps: • Maintain and beautify downtown Willow Glen • Promote a positive identity for Willow Glen’s business community through: - Advertising - Public Relations - Sponsorships - Events & Festivals - Infrastructure and Beautification As part of the above, the WGBA has helped create and maintain attractive planters and information kiosks along Lincoln Avenue, renovate and maintain historic buildings and organize events – including Dancing on the Avenue, the Founder’s Day Parade, and the Willow Glen Wine and Beer walks. Plus, we sponsor community events and programs such as the Willow Glen 5K Run and Safe Routes to School Program.

The WGBA was formed in 1984 to manage Willow Glen’s new Business Improvement District. In 1988, it was incorporated as a non-profit organization under the California Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation Law and is qualified as a non-profit organization under IRS Code Section 501(c)(6). When Willow Glen’s property owners received approval from the City Council in 2008 to form a Community Benefit Improvement District (CBID), the WGBA was selected to manage it. The CBID was implemented in January 2010 and the BID was phased out. Funding & Management The WGBA is supported by private sponsors, contributing members, CBID grants and revenue from festival and events. A volunteer board of directors representing business and property owners, and associate and community members, manages it. The Association employs one full-time executive director and one part-time business development manager.


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