10 Books A Home

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Our Mission:
10 Books A Home's mission is to prepare under-served children for kindergarten and academic achievement.

10 Books A Home is an early childhood literacy nonprofit that empowers under-served 3 and 4 year old children to develop kindergarten-readiness skills in their homes to prevent them from struggling with reading and math in 3rd grade. 10BH offers under-resourced families a two-year home tutoring and parent engagement program that supports the development of school-readiness skills. The program prepares 3 and 4 year old children for grade school by ensuring they master a set of skills that are associated with academic achievement. Once a week for two years, children receive one-on-one lessons at their homes. Lessons are tailored to children’s differing skill levels, and volunteer tutors and parents are taught how to help children master new skills on a regular basis. The combination of tutoring and increased parent engagement results in children receiving continuous support and developing the skills needed for academic achievement.

Current and Upcoming Opportunities