Spaulding Wooden Boat Center

Sausalito, CA   |  [email protected]  |  (415) 332-3179
Our Mission:
EDUCATE the next generation in traditional wooden boat restoration and building skills. PRESERVE the Spaulding Boat Works as a working and living museum. RESTORE and return to active use historically-significant wooden vessels. CREATE a community center for the public to experience traditional wooden boat culture.

Spaulding Wooden Boat Center (SWBC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving, sharing, and celebrating the area’s rich history of traditional wooden boatbuilding. With its 20,000 sq. ft. working wooden boatbuilding facility, historically significant sailboats, and skilled craftspeople, SWBC offers a wealth of educational programs and community events designed to connect people of all ages to the Bay Area’s maritime history, historic sailing vessels, and the art of wooden boatbuilding.

Current and Upcoming Opportunities