Angel Ed Inc.

Brookline, MA   |  [email protected]  |  (617) 651-0835
Our Mission:
Angel Ed will advance education by making it accessible to everyone.

Angel Ed is a crowdfunding platform connecting students of all ages committed to higher education with individual and corporate donors invested in bringing about a brighter tomorrow. The average student will inherit at least $27K in debt as undergraduates and $45K as graduate students. Every student who signs on for a student loan adds on to the over $1 trillion owed by the American population this past year alone. Rather than become another student loan statistic, choose the freedom of Angel Ed. Angel Ed is not a grant, loan, or contract. It’s a platform and community of students who want to make a better future, and individuals who are invested in bringing that future about. We also run workshops on getting accepted into college, navigating college life, and turning your degree into a career.

Current and Upcoming Opportunities