GLOW Foundation

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Our Mission:
What is GLOW? Founded in 2006, GLOW’s mission is to help empower under-resourced students & their families overcome barriers to higher education access and success. Four out of five low-income college ready youth who do not attend college fail to do so because of finances and 55% of those who do enroll drop out. In this environment, GLOW boosts the capacity of schools and non-profits and delivers a financial literacy curriculum, enabling them to serve students more effectively and increase college graduation rates. GLOW collaborates with organizations across sectors, corporate, education, nonprofit and government to bring wrap-around student resources (e.g. financial literacy curriculum, scholarships) to empower low income students to succeed in attending and graduating from college.

Why Volunteer With GLOW? Critical Need: At GLOW we work with high achieving students who are on track to go to college. Financial Literacy is often the crucial, final piece that our students need to succeed in both choosing a college and living as a financial responsible adult. Manageable Commitment:GLOW volunteers spend a total of 12 hours in the classroom a year, although many ask to be more heavily involved. The volunteer mentor helps support the Trainer by facilitating small group discussions and participating in activities. We even have opportunities to help out for important one-day sessions! Connecting to Your Community: GLOW works with a large network of schools and non-profits that are sure to be nearby where you work or live. Get connected the amazing youth, dedicated non-profits, innovative schools and fellow volunteers from local businesses and corporations in your own community!

Current and Upcoming Opportunities