Friends of Sausal Creek

Oakland, CA   |  [email protected]  |  5103259006
Our Mission:
The Friends of Sausal Creek (aka FOSC, or "the Friends") are a group of residents, teachers, students, merchants, and elected officials working together with the City of Oakland and County of Alameda to improve the Sausal Creek watershed. The Friends Vision Statement (.pdf) expresses the group's hope of creating an intact riparian corridor from the hills to the bay that's accessible to all. The Friends' mission is: "to promote awareness and appreciation of the Sausal Creek watershed, and to inspire action to preserve and protect the creek and its watershed as both a natural and a community resource." Sausal Creek begins in the Oakland Hills and runs through Oakland, spilling its contents into the San Francisco Bay at the Fruitvale Bridge. The Friends, a largely volunteer-driven organization, conduct workdays, native plant propagation and planting, water, bird, and aquatic insect monitoring. We advocate for creek restoration, preservation and beautification to enhance habitat value for all creatures in Oakland.


Current and Upcoming Opportunities