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Our Mission:
To deliver smiles to children in need - one birthday cake at a time.

At Cake4Kids we bake and deliver custom birthday cakes to foster children and at risk youth. We aim to make the children feel special and loved on their birthday. Libby Gruender founded Cake4kids almost 5 years ago as a grassroots effort to bring smiles to the children and youth in her community. First of all she recruited people, who loved to bake and were interesting in helping children. Then she partnered with agencies in her local community that provided services to foster children and at risk youth – everything from counseling and housing to education and advocacy. By partnering with the agencies, Cake4kids was able to layer our services on top of their existing services to strengthen our communities and to give kids a way of feeling good about themselves. In our first year we delivered 10 cakes to 2 agencies in the Sunnyvale area and at the end of 2014, we had delivered 1,200 cakes to 35 agencies. We started with a handful of volunteers and now have around 300. These amazing volunteers bake the cakes in their own homes and deliver the cakes to the agencies. We recently opened up for business in San Francisco and have aspirations to bring Cake4Kids to more areas of California. When we embarked on this journey we primarily served foster children and group homes and now we serve a very diverse agency population – foster children, family shelters, domestic violence agencies, human trafficking shelters and transitional homes

Current and Upcoming Opportunities