Project Change

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Our Mission:
Project Change is a unique program providing comprehensive educational services and resources to serve students and the community. The program's strong network of support provides incarcerated youth opportunity for career and postsecondary attainment at College of San Mateo (CSM). Project Change is the first community college supported program in California to provide wrap-around student support services, direct access to postsecondary education for incarcerated youth, and in-person college instruction inside juvenile youth facilities.

Project Change serves court-involved youth: resilient young people, ages 14 to 26, who are in, or have exited, the juvenile criminal justice system and show motivation to pursue post-secondary education at the community college level. Subcategories of court-involved youth served in the program include those who are currently or formerly in foster care, homeless youth, and youth who are or have attended alternative schools related to delinquency.The project connects students to resources and programs at the College of San Mateo, such as a college readiness summer bridge program, social and academic support services, nationally recognized cohort learning communities, and career and technical education programs. Students are provided a clear pathway to resources on campus to enhance success.

Current and Upcoming Opportunities

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